warranty policy

Myhigrow sticks to the tenet of “quality first, customer foremost.” We have a QA team to check your order products before they are packed and sent. All products we sell are brand new and come with Industrial Best Warranty. We guarantee our customers protection from defective products and help you solve the problem.
If your item has an issue, please get in touch with us:
[email protected]

Please carefully follow our warranty process to minimize any delays. We will find the best way for you to fix the problem.

14-day product guarantee

This Warranty Policy will serve you if you receive one or more damaged, missing, or unusable items. Please get in touch with us within 14 days of receiving your order for a return authorization. Note: Myhigrow can provide replacement parts and repairs for some items but does not support returns.
Return Process (if applicable)
We receive the returned product, and upon inspection, we can ship you a new product for free (we will refund your return shipping cost), or you can choose a full refund (shipping cost on purchase is not refundable).
Warranty period: 1 year from the date of purchase.

Repair Periods and Warranty Waivers and Precautions

Warranty Offered:

  1. Grow Lights
    • Within 14 days: On the premise of non-artificial damage can be free returned and exchanged after delivery.
    • 14 Days – 1 Year: Free parts. No return or exchange. Buyers need to bear the shipping cost of accessories.
    • One year – 3 years: The buyer needs to bear the cost of accessories and shipping charges.
  2. In-line duct fan & filter
    • One year: under regular use and non-artificial damage, Myhigrow will provide free accessories and services during the warranty period. Buyers do not need to bear the shipping cost of accessories.
  3. Grow tents & grow bags & Grow tent kits
    • Please check the packaging within 48 hours after receiving the product. Returns are not available, including tents and grow bags. If you have any questions, please send relevant videos or photos of the defective product and pictures of all labels on the packaging to [email protected]; we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

Our warranty will not be covered if; that is, the warranty will be void:

  1. If the product is modified, deleted, customized, or replaced, the product will not provide a return service
  2. Product damage due to natural causes, natural product degradation due to wear and tear, and breakage/damage during use.
  3. Myhigrow will not compensate for product damage caused by improper use. However, customers are welcome to contact us to purchase replacement or spare parts (if applicable). We will charge the original price of the accessories and shipping.
  4. We will not compensate for products damaged or stolen due to regular use.
  5. The product is not correctly or regularly maintained.
  6. Flash the firmware or root the device.
  7. Open the fuselage and try to repair the device.


  1. We will not provide a warranty on any Myhigrow discontinued product
  2. The warranty coverage is ultimately determined by Myhigrow. We reserve the right to deny warranty, return, or replacement to anyone.
  3. The customer must return it using Myhigrow’s prescribed shipping method. The customer must provide a tracking number and product pictures/videos in all returns and exchanges.
  4. Customers must submit warranty claims regarding the product in writing to Myhigrow After Sales ([email protected]) within (14) days of discovering the defect or malfunction.
  5. Merchandise returned without RMA will not be accepted. Myhigrow reserves the right to deny any compensation for incomplete warranty claims. Suppose a customer has returned a package (RMA form) without prior authorization, sent the package to the wrong address, returned the incorrect item, or submitted an empty box. In such an event, Myhigrow reserves the right to deny any compensation.
  6. Our technical team will check all returns upon arrival. If our technical team inspects returned items and determines that they cannot repair them, Myhigrow will provide an alternative solution.
  7. You need to provide a clear photo or video showing the shipping box’s product issue/order/SKU number/label.
    Photos/videos should be sharp, taken in good lighting, and taken from close to medium. This way, we can identify and verify the problem.