MyHiGrow S8000 LED Grow Light 800W With Samsung LM301H

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MyHiGrow S8000 LED Grow Light 800W With Samsung LM301H


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  • Increase Yield By 20%-40%
  • Coverage Area: 10x5ft
  • Estimated Cost: $127.41 per Harvest
  • Yield Up To 2.5g per Watt.
  • Based on 800W power, yield up to 2000g(70.54oz) per Harvest.

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Uniform Light Distribution

The S8000 LED grow light with Samsung LM301H diodes provides more even light, solving the problem of too much light in the middle to burn the plant and insufficient light in the four corners causing plants to stop growing.

Lower Cost, Higher Yield

The S8000 grow light consumes only 800W of power for 4830μmol/m²s@18″. Coverage area 10×5 ft, increased Yield by 20%-40%.

Full Spectrum

The S8000 LED Grow Light spectrum is rich in white, blue & red (3000K, 5000K & 660nm) and will effectively replace the sun. Blue light promotes plant growth and flavor; red light improves plant yield.

Easy to install

According to our step-by-step instructions, you can install the grow light in 5 minutes.