Myhigrow 6 inch Air Carbon Filter for Ventilation

Myhigrow 6 inch Air Carbon Filter for Ventilation


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Inner Diameter: 150mm
Outer Diameter: 226mm
Height: 400mm

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ALUMINUM FRAME: Resilient frame with corrosion resistance for placement in high-humidity environments.

MAX AIR PENETRATION: The aluminum mesh allows complete air pass-through and is suitable for both intake and exhaust applications.

FABRIC FILTER CLOTH: Trap particles pass through the 6 inch air carbon filter. It prevents the filter from clogging and extends filter life. Rewash every six months to improve filtration efficiency.

REVERSIBLE FLANGES: Flanges can be removed and placed on either end to use the carbon bed inside fully.

ACTIVATED CARBON: Made from high-quality Australian activated charcoal with a high adsorption rate to completely block odors and scrub the air. A longer lifespan.

FILTER STRAPS: Nylon material that holds the carbon filter to the support beam of the grow tent.