30+ MyHiGrow Standard & Multi Chamber Grow Tents

Grow successfully with our grow tent. We offer a wide selection of high quality and affordable supplies to help you achieve the results you want.

Home Is Where The Grow Is

From standard, attic to 2-in-1 indoor grow tents, from black to grey, MyHiGrow® professional grade 600D & 2000D 100% diamond reflective mylar grow tents have higher durability and light-proofing. They can create the best growing environment all year, right in the comfort of your home.

Featured with small & medium & large & extra large home grow tent, MyHiGrow® offer the best range of home growing adventure in the industry.

Standard / 2-In-1 / Attic Grow Tent

standard grow tent

Standard Grow Tent

2 in 1 grow tent

2-In-1 Grow Tent

attic grow tent

Attic Grow Tent

Mylar 600D / 2000D Grow Tent

600D mylar grow tent

600D Mylar Grow Tent

2000D mylar grow tent

2000D Mylar Grow Tent


black grow tent

Black Grow Tent

grey grow tent

Grey Grow Tent

black & grey grow tent

Black & Grey Grow Tent

Number Of Plants

1 to 2 plants grow tent

1-2 Plants

2 to 4 plants grow tent

2-4 Plants

4 to 8 plants grow tent

4-8 Plants

8 to 16 plants grow tent

8-16 Plants

18 to 100 plants grow tent

18-100 Plants

Grow Tent Size

medium grow tent

Medium Grow Tent

large grow tent

Large Grow Tent

extra large grow tent

Extra Large Grow Tent

What makes MyHiGrow grow tent a smarter choice?

Why grow tent are recommended? Best strains 100% organic.

100% Organic

Why grow tent are recommended? Enjoy your indoor growing. - Germination

Enjoy Your Grow

Why grow tent are recommended? Higher yield and lowest cost.

The Lowest Cost

Why grow tent are recommended? Source to get produce. - Harvest

Source to Get Produce

Why grow tent are recommended? Cultivate your own taste.

Cultivate Your Own Taste

Why grow tent are recommended? High quality delicious food.

High Quality Delicious Food

Why grow tent are recommended? Convenient Plant Care.

Convenient Plant Care

Why grow tent are recommended? Build Community With Other Cultivators.

Build Community With Other Cultivators

Cultivation by MyHiGrow®,

Confidence by My Flavor