Data Security

Myhigrow undertakes to store your data to ensure security against unauthorized access, alteration, or deletion to a level commensurate with its sensitivity.

Myhigrow undertakes to only store your data in jurisdictions where data protection is at least equivalent to that required by the OECD Guidelines.

Myhigrow undertakes to transmit your data in a manner that ensures a level of security commensurate with its sensitivity against unauthorized access, alteration, or deletion.

Myhigrow undertakes to implement appropriate measures to ensure your data’s security and prevent misconduct by Myhigrow’s employees and contractors.

These include:

Employee privacy-related training;

Access controls, which limit access to your data to employees and contractors who have a legitimate reason to access it;

Especially in the case of sensitive data, an audit trail of entry, including the identities of employees and contractors who accessed the data;

Remind employees and contractors from time to time about the importance of data privacy and the consequences of misconduct;

Announcement of suitably severe sanctions to be applied in the event of misconduct;

Clear communication of policies and sanctions;

Processes to audit, investigate, and impose sanctions;