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There are a few possible reasons why your credit card payment may have been declined. The most common reasons are insufficient funds, expiration date, incorrect card information, or your card issuer may have declined the payment due to security reasons. If you believe the payment information is correct, please contact your card issuer for further assistance.
Here are some common reasons for payment failures and how to fix them:

  • Issuer Response Code: 51

    • Issuer Response Msg: Not sufficient funds

    • Handling Method: Insufficient balance available in the account, insufficient credit limit, or excessive cash withdrawal limit, please contact the issuing bank.

  • Issuer Response Code: 05

    • Issuer Response Msg: Do not Honour

    • Handling Method: The issuing bank refuses without reason, please contact the issuing bank.

  • Issuer Response Code: 12

    • Issuer Response Msg: Invalid transaction card / issuer / acquirer

    • Handling Method: The corresponding card issuer cannot be found according to the main account number of the transaction request; The issuing bank or switching center is unavailable; The original transaction has not been accepted, and a transaction related to it has been received, such as a reversal transaction or a transaction cancellation; a transaction that should occur on the next day does not occur on the next day; Cancellation and reversal of the original transaction on the next day; The transaction is not executed, but the related transaction information is received (for example, the pre-authorization transaction is not accepted, and the pre-authorization completion or cancellation transaction is received).

  • Issuer Response Code: 26

    • Handling Method: High-risk orders are blocked by bank risk control, please contact the issuing bank to cancel the restriction.

  • Issuer Response Code: 59

    • Issuer Response Msg: Suspected Fraud

    • Handling Method: The fraudulent order, please contact the card issuer to cancel the limit.

  1. Possible fraud:

Risk order,You need to pay for the order after 3h.

  1. Issuer suspected fraud:

Fraudulent orders, you can contact your card issuer to remove the restriction.

  1. Authentication required,refer to card issuer:

The issuing bank declined the transaction and you need to contact the issuing bank to get the reason for the failure.

  1. Insufficient funds:

Your account has an insufficient available balance, an insufficient credit limit, and an over-limit on cash withdrawals. You can pay with a different card or use PayPal.

  1. Incorrect PIN:

3D security code verification failed, you need to re-verify.

  1. Exceeds PIN retry:

3D Transaction PIN number of incorrect entries exceeds the limit. You can pay with a different card or contact your bank to lift the restriction, or you can use PayPal.

  1. Activity count limit exceeded:
    1. The card exceeds the issuing bank’s limit on the number of purchases for the day.
    2. The card exceeds the issuing bank’s limit on the number of verifications for the day.

You can pay with a different card or contact your bank to lift the restriction, or you can use PayPal.

  1. Exceeds amount limit:

Exceeding the single purchase limit; Withdrawal amount exceeding the limit; Exceeding the cardholder’s customized single withdrawal/spending limit; Exceeding the transfer limit; You can place a payment in multiple orders or change your single limit.

Order Problem

Our order processing time is generally 1-2 business days, and the shipping time is 2-5 business days, depending on your delivery address.
Other uncontrollable factors, such as COVID-19, weather, and during holidays, may delay the shipping time. If you still not receive your tracking number within three business days of payment or need to confirm your tracking information, please email [email protected].

Once shipped, we will send a tracking number and an order tracking link to your email. You can check your order on the tracking link.

If your tracking number shows that your package was delivered, but you did not receive it, please do the following:

  • Check packages near your delivery address and ask anyone who might sign for them.
  • If you still cannot find the package, please call your shipping company directly to report the lost package. Find out who the delivery person is and when your package was delivered, or ask them to check their offices to see if it is possible to find your package. In this way, you can get the package logistics information the first time. Also, please contact me soon via email at [email protected].
  • Please fill in a secure delivery address: MyHiGrow is not responsible if someone steals your package in the delivery area!

If you need to change the shipping address after completing the payment, please contact us within one hour after completing the payment. We will get back to you as soon as possible and do our best to correct it.
Please understand that you will be responsible for about an $18 change of address fee charged by the carrier if the package has already shipped. The amount of the fee varies by carrier and package destination.

We encourage you to inspect your package thoroughly upon receipt to ensure that the item is not Defective, Damaged, or Mis-shipped. Before signing the order, please carefully check the product packaging to determine whether the goods are Defective, Damaged, or Mis-shipped. If you find any damage, you must take clear photos and short videos of the faulty product. (Please refer to the Return and Refund Policy)
Please send your order number, photo, and short video to [email protected]. We will help you by sending you a new order or a refund. Please save all packaging materials and labels.
Suppose you try to return an item without contacting MyHiGrow customer service. In such a case, you may not receive a refund or a new order, and you will be responsible for all costs associated with the product.

  • MyHiGrow allows you to cancel the order before it is shipped. To cancel an order before shipping, please contact customer service by email or message within one hour of payment.
  • If you wish to cancel an order that has already shipped (partial or complete), we will charge shipping and restocking fees (if applicable).
  • Please note that if you have yet to receive a tracking number, it does not mean that the product has not been shipped.

Indoor Grow Problem

According to the survey, there are many reasons to grow your own plants, including:

  • I Enjoy It
  • It’s Less Expensive
  • It’s More Convenient To Grow My Own
  • I Grow Better Quality
  • I Grow Strains I Can’t Buy
  • I Don’t Have To Worry About Pesticides/Contaminants
  • It’s My Only Source

Using the MyHiGrow Grow Tent Complete Kit, you can start your indoor growing quickly. All you need will be delivered to your door; except soil and seeds – buy locally.
If you need help with how to care for your plants, please email us at [email protected].
You Will Get A Complete Guide Packed With Tried-And-True Techniques That Produce Heavy Harvests For Every Crop:

  • Best Strains (And Which To Choose)
  • The Type Of Seeds (And Where To Get Them)
  • How To Germination
  • Mixing Soils And Nutrients Ratios
  • A Complete Guide (7 Steps To Grow)
  • Harvest, Dry, And Cure The Buds
  • Maximizing Quality & Yield

You can choose the best grow tent complete kit for your space size and plant quantity.
We recommend beginners choose a kit with a lower wattage grow light to prevent too much light.
We recommend that experienced growers choose a kit with a high-wattage grow light for maximum yield and quality.

Product Problem

Different products have different warranty periods. Grow lights provide a 3-year warranty, and fans and filters offer a 1-year warranty. For more information, please check our warranty policy.

LM301H has higher photon efficiency than LM301B. The LM301H’s chip is optimized to convert electrical energy into photons more efficiently.
Especially, LM301H is vulcanized for moisture resistance, which minimizes light loss, provides more light to plants, and increases durability when exposed to moisture.
That is to say, using LM301H not only makes obtaining higher yield and quality easier but also prolongs the use time of the grow light so that growers can produce more high-quality crops at a lower cost.