about myhigrow

MyHiGrow is a technology company focused on environmental control, designed to reduce labor, maximize yield and quality of tissue area, and help growers achieve a planned harvest year-round by controlling the indoor growing environment of plants ( light, temperature, CO2 concentration, nutrients, humidity, etc.).

Indoor farming technology plays a vital role in addressing the challenges of indoor farming environments, and we look forward to furthering progress, innovation, and implementation of MyHiGrow in indoor farming.

  • Indoor growing is a growing method that can be adapted to any indoor environment.
    • Compared with traditional agriculture, indoor cultivation does not use fungicides and pesticides and can produce safer and healthier agricultural products per unit area.
    • Compared to outdoor growing, indoor growing uses less water and controls plant nutrient fertilizers, so more nutritious food can be grown regardless of the season.
    • Indoor growing can help conserve soil and water, protect the ecology, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
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  • We are committed to relying on sensor technology, biotechnology, the Internet of Things, automation technology, etc., to simulate the growing environment of plants and grow crops in a controlled environment.
  • Our long-term goals:
    • Optimize indoor growing environmental conditions;
    • Help integrate indoor farming technology into a global indoor growing database;
    • Provide the knowledge necessary to support local growers produce crops with higher quality and yield.
  • For your indoor growing process correct and fast, MyHiGrow includes experience that provides immediate benefits.
  • These experience reference horticulturalists’, agricultural scientists’, and professional growers’ best practices, so you will benefit from better yield immediately!
  • Engages you enjoy the journey of affordable, quality, and ultimate organic home growing by using MyHiGrow.
  • We invite our growers along for the adventure of home cultivation.

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