10x10 Grow Tent Kit & Best Setup

Discover the Best Performance 10×10 grow tent kit. We have designed two different 10×10 grow tent setups for the 10×10 grow tent complete kit, with output power from 2560 watts and 3200 watts to meet the planting needs of growers.

Complete 10x10 grow tent kit has everything to start indoor growing, including grow tent, ventilation, ducting, led grow light, and over 20 grow essentials.

The 10×10 grow tent complete kit removes the hassle of figuring out what it takes to start growing indoors, making it easier to get everything a plant needs from germination to harvest.

The 10x10 grow tent complete kit can grow 25-50 plants and provide the best environment.

The 10×10 grow tent kit can grow 25 to 50 plants. Each planting can produce more than 200 ounces of crops.

MyHiGrow 10x10 Grow Tent Complete Kit 2560 Watts, estimated to cost $47.73 per ounce for first grow and $15.09 per ounce for second grow.

The average price is $0.12/kWh, and the electricity cost is about $458 in one planting cycle. The cost of cultivation can reduce to $15.09 per ounce, which is fantastic!

All you need will be delivered to your door except soil and seeds – buy locally.

10x10 Grow Tent Complete Kit

  • Fabric: 2000D Mylar
  • Number Of Plants: 25-50 Plants
  • Expect Yield: 100-200oz
  • MyHiGrow 10 x 10 ft. Grow Tent Complete Kit With Mylar 2000D Grow Tent 120″ x 120″ x 80″, S6000 LED Grow Light, 2560 Watt

  • MyHiGrow 10 x 10 ft. Grow Tent Complete Kit With Mylar 2000D Grow Tent 120″ x 120″ x 80″, S8000 LED Grow Light, 3200W


MyHiGrow professional team will walk you through each step of the growing process to achieve your goal and will tell you how to discover problems quickly and treat them properly to control and eliminate them.

With the 10×10 grow tent complete kit, you will be able to grow your own plants indoors.

Cultivating your plants comes with many benefits, include:

You will get a complete guide packed with tried-and-true techniques that produce heavy harvests for every crop.

  • 100 Best Strains (And Which To Choose)
  • The Type Of Seeds (And Where To Get Them)
  • How To Germination
  • Mixing Soils And Nutrients Ratios
  • A Complete Guide (7 Steps To Grow)
  • Harvest, Dry, And Cure The Buds
  • Maximizing Quality & Yield

We take the time to really understand your needs and goals. Focus on quality and yield.

Why Recommend MyHiGrow 10x10 Grow Tent? 100% organic, enjoy your grow, the lowest cost, source to get produce, convenient plant care, cultivate your own taste, hight quality delicious food.